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Nuru Massage London Services

Nuru Massage London by Amira

Nuru Massage London

 Welcome to Nuru massage London 

If you want a nuru massage London, we offer Dark this massage you. We three girls eager to spend time with you by giving you an unforgettable erotic massage.For a lot of other types of massage therapy, we will generally use a scented massage oil of which we have many different consistencies and flavors etc. But the Nuru gel is something totally different. Nuru actually means ‘slippery’in Japanese this is where Nuru massage London comes from and this is most definitely a correct translation as this gel really is some amazing stuff!

You will experience the amazing sensual sensations as our masseuse slides and glides across your body in the most intimate fashion which really will bring any client to seventh heaven. This is one of the main reasons now that this form of massage therapy is becoming so popular now across London and the whole of the UK, as it is highly sensual and erotic and really can bring some heightened states of sexual pleasure to clients.
We, of course, do make sure that we have the best quality authentic nuru massage service used by our masseuses as really anything less will do the whole tantric massage session an injustice and therefore it is very important that the correct gel is used in your session.

There are also a few benefits to using this gel over other traditional massage oils that are more commonly used in massage therapy and this is that the gel is both odorless and colorless and extremely easy to wash off.

One of the main drawbacks to the traditional oils is that even after a good shower it can still be difficult to get everything off and of course for those that come to visit us on a break from work, for example, this can be quite impractical!